Half of the month of April Friday, April 17, 2009

Since the summer vacation starts, the days are the same. I mean there's a daily routine. For instance, I wake up every morning @ 11:00 A.M then after that I eat breakfast during the lunchtime. Worst diba? Then after I finish my so called "break-lunch", my Sister Desirae cleans up the table and she bring the plates in the mini-kitchen and then I wash it when the table is already clean. Our waterpipes including My Lola's House are connected to Maynilad. Normally between the time of 12 noon to 2, the water pressures are weak. Kaya nag-aantay ako na mag-two ng tanghali. And then, after I finished washing the dishes, I went to my Mama's Room to open my Computer. Internet ako, Open YM na parating naka-invisible, watching You-Tube, Nakikinig sa Imeem o sa accuradio, blogging and practicing web designs, everyday ganoong parati ginagawa ko. And then when the night is come, usually I always watch TV Patrol to know what's the latest news and stories. Watching news are very important to me. Because I initiate a blog-writing called "My View is My Opinion" so that I write my views and opinions (written in Tagalog) for the stories, events and issues that I watched on the news.

Dumaan ang Lenten Season. Parang hindi nga nag-mahal na araw. Conventionally, most of local broadcast like TV and Radio Stations are signed off for the observance of the holy week. But then it changed it since then. Nag-babago ang pananaw ng mga Pinoy sa Mahal na Araw pero ang hindi pa rin nagbabago sa mga Pinoy ay ang pag-papahalaga ng pag-titika at pagdarasal sa Diyos.

Half of the month of April was not productive. I tried to search for freelance works for web in craiglist, pero madalang sa Web Design Jobs... as in Web Design (Without PHP and MySQL Codings). Hindi pa naman ako mag-o-OJT dahil one year pa lang nang pagkaka-shift ko ng course.

Although the half of the month was not productive, I'm focusing on reading tutorials , E-books and manuals about AJAX, PHP w/ MySQL and jQuery. Hindi ko din naman sinasayang ang bakasyon kasi kung tutuusin may pang-summer class talaga ako e pinapagaling ko talaga yung allergy ko na ka-gagaling pa lang.

So this is it.